About Dr Christine Rose

Hello,  I am Dr. Christine Rose.  Thank for taking a few minutes of your time to allow me to introduce myself. I would also like to share my background and interests with you as well as   my vision for this site.


Most of my life I been involved in health care. My experience covers a time span of close to 50 years and is quite varied. As a high school student I spent weekends working in a local hospital, as a nurses aide.   After graduation from high school I went on to nursing school, received a diploma in nursing and became an R.N.  As a nurse I worked in primarily  pediatrics and public health. My experience included community pediatric clinics, migrant health clinics, home health care and neonatal intensive care.

I had a strong interest in biologic sciences and received a B.S. in biology from Rutgers University.  My studies focused on cell biology, genetics and developmental biology.

I  continued my studies and I received a degree in Osteopathic Medicine, from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine.  After receiving my degree I completed a rotating internship which prepared me to begin my medical practice as a general practitioner.  Following that I went on to a residency in anesthesiology and worked in several different aspect of anesthesia.  As an anesthesiologist I worked in the Operating Room, Labor and Delivery and Pain Management.  As a Board Certified Anesthesiologist I became and  an examiner for the Board of Osteopathic Anesthesiologists.

My interests and studies continued to  focus on health.  I became more interested in maintaining wellness rather than treating disease..  Eventually I left the practice of anesthesia and work with people in the areas of nutrition,  weight management and anti-aging.  More recently I have studied the area of mind body connection and the effects of stress on health.

My Vision…

After many years involved working in health care I have become discouraged by the traditional medical model. With its focus on the treatment of illness I believe it can create a victim mentality.  Leading people to belive they had little control of their health. With the thought that most disease was genitcly predermined and medications are the solutions.

At its best medicine has looked toward early detection of disease rather than prevention. This is does not always provide the best outcome. It is my hope that  people will become more aware of their ability influence their health.  There are many way to help  prevention disease and  promote good health. I its my hope I can present information that will assist people in developing a foundation of Health for Life. It is said that knowledge is power.  We do not have to be victims but can take control with the proper information and action


I do understand that there is a place for traditional medical treatment and in no way am I suggesting you do not consult a physician for problems.  The information presented here is not intended to diagnosis or treat illness, nor is it a replacement for medical care. It is my intentions to provide suggestions for a lifestyle choices that can lead to Health for Life.

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