Taking Charge Of Your Health

Taking charge of your health removes the focus from treating an illness to having health for your life time.  I do understand the some illness can not be completely prevented however I believe we have more control over health and wellness than many people are aware of.

Before the discovery of sulfa drugs and penicillin, when an infection occurred there was a high risk of death.  The use of antibiotics became like  the "magic bullet" for disease. For the first time in history the medical practitioner had what was considered to be a true cure. With the availability of a cure for illness, the expectations of the public grew to expect similar "magic bullets" for other ailments. Along came the BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES, to fill this expectation. Pharmaceuticals are now and MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY, providing  drugs for ailments we never knew we had. I believe  we need to take a close look the effects of drugs and ask are any healthier due to their efforts.  Just read the list of side effects for any medication and the number of deaths that occur due to medication error and side effects.

I believe most people are aware of the basic aspects of a healthy life style, nutrition and exercise.  There are subtle ways these can be influenced, that you may not have thought about.  Some times small changes can make a big different. There are also aspects of our lifestyles that are effecting our lives in ways that we may not know.

Complete wellness is a combination of a healthy mind and a healthy body. What you think and believe can have a big impact on how you feel. This is more than a matter of  mind set.  Your thoughts and feeling have directs on you body through the release of hormones.

Living a healthy life style is easy once you have the knowledge. It is said KNOWLEDGE is POWER and I would like to help you access that knowledge. When you have the knowledge to promote health in your life you have the power be in charge of your health.  You can make a healthy lifestyle a daily habit.

It is my goal to share information about healthy living and it is my hope I can help you make practical changes to take charge of your health.

Dr. Christine Rose

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